Sunday, December 18, 2005

Attack Of The Stiletto Queens

For once the Torygraph can use the headline without needing to question anyone's sexuality:

'When Charles Kennedy faced his shadow cabinet at a routine meeting and asked for help in quelling rumours of his imminent demise, he was expecting a formulaic clamour of support.
Instead, the room fell silent. No one offered a word of encouragement, but no one spoke out against him either.

Then, with the moment about to pass, a female voice shattered the torpor. Sandra Gidley, the party's spokesman for women and the elderly, quietly told the leader that his call for loyalty was simply not good enough. "There are those of us who have real concerns and don't think we are going in the right direction. We need more drive. We need to respond to what is happening in the Tory Party," she said.

The party's "big beasts" remained silent. But Sarah Teather, 31, the plucky local government spokesman, said that she too had serious concerns.

The ambush last Tuesday earned the women the title "Stiletto Queens" among Kennedy advisers - and their assault burst the dam after weeks of agonising over his lacklustre performance and rumours about his drinking.'

It's easy to see why the Queens moved. Ms Gidley's majority in Romsey is a wispy 125, and Ms Teather's Brent East majority is a barely firmer 2,712.

And what with Dreamboat Cameron's new website actually showing their constituencies turning blue, a touch of the vapours is only to expected.


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