Saturday, December 17, 2005

Botched Putsch

The Grauniad names the guilty parties:

'In the past, threats to Kennedy's position have come from traditional ideological opponents such as Simon Hughes, whom Kennedy beat for the leadership in 1999. Not this time, though. This week, Hughes sat on his hands. Instead, it was the people whom Kennedy has promoted and championed, people such as Vince Cable, Norman Lamb and Sarah Teather, who made the running, along with Davey and Laws. People, in other words, who are close to Kennedy. This was a modernisers' revolt, a challenge by people who want to be government ministers before they are through.'

There's only one way to deal with them now. Not probation, or even a spell on the backbenches.

Off with their heads!

Either that, or they regroup and have another go.

Isn't this fun?


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