Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Crowd Wants Early Start

"Voters want Kennedy to go" is the Guardian's stark headline over its latest ICM poll:

'Only 38% of those questioned thought the party would perform best at the next general election if he remained as leader, while 52% thought a new leader would be a better bet.

To make matters worse, satisfaction with Mr Kennedy's performance among his own supporters is lower, at 76%, than that enjoyed by Tony Blair (82% of Labour voters), Gordon Brown (83%) or David Cameron (82% of Tories). His dissatisfaction rating among supporters was higher, at 22%, than the prime minister's (18%), the chancellor's (15%) or the Tory leader's (6%).'

The message is clear, and the only question is whether he decides on the decent thing quietly at home over Christmas, or whether he has to be dragged out screaming in the New Year.

Rumours of resignations from frontbench colleagues "at the end of their tethers" persist.


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