Friday, December 16, 2005

Drowning Chatshow Dragging LibDems Under

His colleagues may think him fuzzy, undependable, hopeless even. But Charlie has thus-far had a killer argument for keeping the leadership- his popularity with the public.

Alas, this morning's YouGov/Telegraph poll shows that popularity is collapsing. 'Asked who would make the best prime minister, voters put Mr Cameron and Mr Blair on 30 per cent. Mr Kennedy is on 11 per cent, a seven point drop since the last election.'

11% is a disastrous seven point shortfall below the 18% support for the LibDems overall. Chatshow is now dragging them under.

And far from respecting private grief, those nice Cameron Tories are plunging in to exploit the tragedy. DC will reportedly use a speech today in Hereford (who dares wins) to urge "Liberal Democrat supporters to jump ship and join his party...He will argue that his own brand of "modern compassionate Conservatism", including more environmentally friendly policies, should appeal to Lib Dem voters."

Can Charlie actually last until the New Year?


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