Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Early Betting

As yet there are no prices on the Kennedy Handicap- can't really understand why, since most of the punters at PoliticalBetting seem to be LibDems. Maybe they're in denial.

But it's a different matter with the Attlee Memorial Stakes. Today's best prices are:
  • Gordon Brown 0.54/1
  • John Reid 14/1
  • David Miliband 16/1
  • Alan Milburn 18.5/1
  • Alan Johnson 25/1
  • Charles Clarke 27/1
  • Hilary Benn 32/1
  • Dobbo 549/1

So Dobbo still has a little ground to catch up (implied odds of winning 0.1%), but it's early days yet.

Gordo is on an implied win probability of 65%. Which sounds quite high- until you remember that David Davis achieved even higher ratings during the Tory race.

And it's brilliant that Glasgow's own John "I'll See You Jeremy" Reid is second favourite. The Doc is an absolute delight who would surely guarantee Labour retaining all those middle England seats Tony won for them.

It's a veritable constellation of racing talent.


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