Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Heavy Going For Gordo

On the back of yet another poor poll result for Labour, the house journal tells them "Get used to it: the Tories are back". And for Gordo, the news is even worse: the Tory lead is even bigger with him as Labour leader than with Tony:

'The evidence of this poll is that it is Mr Blair's presence that keeps Labour in contention, even though he is generally unpopular, and even though almost half of Labour's voters think the government has "run out of steam". The logic of this should not be shirked. Mr Brown must begin to articulate much more convincingly the values and beliefs he would champion after Mr Blair steps down, or else Labour must look more seriously at the possibility of some other successor to Mr Blair.'

So in the twinkling of a Cameroonian eye, Gordo has gone from being an apparent electoral asset to being a clear liability.

And misery on misery, the IMF has chosen this very moment to put the boot in on those fabled "Golden Rules":

"The IMF said last night that the Chancellor’s decision to adjust the length of the economic cycle twice this year had been “an unhelpful distraction...the Government should consider an implementation of the golden rule that replaces the constraint now coming from measuring performance over the cycle with expanded NAO [National Audit Office] audits.”

In other words, G's been fiddling the figures and is not to be trusted with them any more.

That Snake River Mud is about to claim its own.

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