Wednesday, December 14, 2005

LibDem Ageism

In an early use of the whip, LD Treasury spokesman Chris Huhne has resorted to ageism. He reckons that two of the early frontrunners- Sir Ming (age 64) and Simon Hughes (age 54)- are too old:

"It would be very unusual for somebody as young as Charles to make way for an older man."

Which must mean that Chris is supporting one of the younger runners. Charlie is 46, so Mark Oaten (age 41), perhaps? Or what about David Laws, who's just turned 40.

Or better yet, Ed Davey who will be 40 on Christmas Day. All his life he's missed out on birthday presents, so what could be fairer and more LibDem than to give him the crown?

Chris Huhne for Ed Davey.


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