Thursday, December 15, 2005

Me-Too Formguide Starts

Trailing badly behind R&R, PoliticalBetting has now got its own formguide up for the Kennedy Handicap. The difference, they've actually got some prices. Mike Smithson's tips from inside the LibDem enclosure:

'Menzies Campbell (dark blue suit, white shirt, yellow check tie) A thoroughbred and like the last victor from the party’s Scottish stable which has provided winners for similar races before with Jo Grimond and David Steel. This would be his first time out. Has gravitas and has built up a lot of respect over his handling of Lib Dem policy on the war. The 4/5 price looks very good value.

Mark Oaten (dark blue suit, white shirt, yellow check tie) It would be first time out for him and was quick off the mark on Tuesday with an email to all Lib Dem members with an update of his home affair brief - a move widely seen as part of his leadership bid. Could he be trying too hard? The 6/4 does not look generous.

Simon Hughes (dark blue suit, white shirt, red check tie) Has been a runner before and had an overwhelming victory last time out on the same course in a national members’ ballot for the party presidency. But he was up against Lembit Opik not Campbell or Oaten. If it was down to him and Campbell at the final fence he might find it hard though the 11/2 looks reasonable value.'

Mike S's site is always compulsive reading, not least because it's LibDem Central. And some of the comments on this particular thread again confirm what a splendid spectacle this race promises to be:

'Campbell is going down a plughole as far as my Lib Dem friends go this week with this ridiculous plotting (it’s more naked than David Davis against IDS [!!!]). Mark Oaten as leader would be a disaster if people react to him in the same way I do; he makes my skin crawl and then I throw things at the TV.'

'simon hughes is by some way the most boring man i’ve ever met. can’t think of anyone i’ve come across in politics who loves more the sound of their own voice. he’s also laughably pompous and seems to live in his own weird little bubble... to suggest he’d make a good national leader is laughable.'

Something there to warm us all on these chill winter evenings.


Anonymous Daniel Vince-Archer said...

According to the 'Best Betting Prices' section on Smithson's website, odds are available on 6 contenders: the 3 identified here and also Messrs Laws, Cable and Davey.

5:12 PM  
Blogger Wat Tyler said...

Thanks Daniel. I've added a link

6:34 PM  

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