Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Miliband Surges On

We already noted how yet another Boy David is starting to look good. Just a week ago he was 16/1. Two days ago he was 14/1. Now he's come in again to just 10/1.

Miliband is 40, famously the son of Marxist philosopher Ralph Miliband, and very bright: comp followed by an Oxford first in PPE (er...just like y'know who), and a Kennedy Scholarship at MIT. Too academic? Ali Campbell christened him Brains, and nerdiness is clearly an issue.

Beliefs? According Andrew Rawnsley:

'The joke among today's left-wingers goes like this: Ralph Miliband argued that the Labour Party would never do anything for the working class; his son is going to prove it...

But he once told an intimate that the Third Way was 'wanky'. He is on the Left of the New Labour spectrum. He is a believer - in a way that Blair is not entirely - in Continental social democracy.'

But he's reckoned by many to be Tone's preferred successor. Rawnsley reports a Blair intimate as saying 'David is very smart, he's pretty normal, and he's nice. There's not many people like that around in politics. Can he go all the way? Yes, I think he can.'

At this rate Gordo- who's odds have now started to softened a little- is going to have to stomp on him. Good and hard so it spoils that youthful face.

Watch this space.


Anonymous Daniel Vince-Archer said...

I agree with you that David Miliband appears to be the Labour equivalent of David Cameron. I'm not overly certain who their equivalent of David Davis is though - Gordon Brown (or is he their Ken Clarke?) or Alan Johnson?

8:11 PM  

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