Friday, December 16, 2005


Today's Minging:

"There is absolutely no doubt that the Liberal Democrats are at their best when they are led by Charles Kennedy in full flight.

He himself has told us that it is necessary for us all to raise our game and he included himself in that and of course it's not surprising that we should have to raise our game because the political landscape has changed with the advent of David Cameron.

Like the rest of us, Mr Kennedy is not immortal. The fact that he is leader of the Liberal Democrats today doesn't mean to say he is going to be leader of the Liberal Democrats in 10 years or 15 years.

I have never made any secret that if a vacancy were to arise, I would most certainly consider whether or not to put myself forward."

Now, let me 15 years time Ming will be 79.


PS "minging" qv here:

"Minging is a word that has it's origins with the British Army, It started to become mainstream around five years ago.With regards to the word's meaning it is most correctly applied to an object that is dirty but can also mean drunk, disgusting or ugly. I can also be replaced with gipping, gopping, gouting or any other word ending in "ing" as it's not the syllables but the rthym that are important here.
"Your boots are minging,your plumes in shite,Your balls are swinging from left to right...."or; I'm minging drunk, let's get mingining,but also "Euchh, your locker is full of ming!"even...I shagged this right hippocrocadilapig, she yas minging."

So now we know.


Anonymous Worried parent said...

Wat, my teenage sons refer to certain young ladies as "Mingers".

Does this mean they are members of the Lib Dems and supporters of Ming? Or maybe they are related to him.

Perhaps you could kindly explain

4:29 PM  

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