Friday, December 16, 2005

Oaten Bee Abuse

During his Telegraph puff, LD second favourite Mark Oaten unfortunately let slip his addiction to a bizarre pate de fois style delicacy:

'His indulgence is Manuka honey at £15 a jar. "They peel the honey off the bees' knees, it's fantastic," he says.'

Fantastic it may be, but we wonder if Mr O has given any thought to the bees whose lives are shattered by the grotesque practice of peeling their knees?

It's all very well him trying to cover it up by going on about "tough liberalism", and saying:

"At some point if Charles steps down it would be something I would consider. I'm at the point in my career now, having given up a successful business career, where I, and others of my generation, are not prepared to carry on doing this job and not be involved in getting our values into Government. If one way of doing that is to become leader of the party then that's an ambition that I'm sure I share with others."

But that's hardly the point.

His Manuka dependency is not some harmless peccadillo of the kind we have grown used to in our politicians. And it's not something that he perhaps tried once during his student days at the Hertford Polytechnic. It sounds as if he's a regular user.

It is nothing short of a disgrace.


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