Thursday, December 15, 2005

Picking The Favourites

We've already noted there are not yet any formal prices for the Kennedy Handicap, but the three early favourites are undoubtedly Sir Ming, Simon H, and Mark O.

Sir Ming is champing so hard at the bit he may break it:

'Asked whether Mr Kennedy should stay or go, he replied simply: "I have had a long and profitable relationship with the leader of the party." Asked whether Mr Kennedy should go sooner or later, he replied "no comment".

Mark Oaten may even have false started, Portillo-style:

'There was anger directed at Mark Oaten, who has defended Mr Kennedy but whom MPs accused of planning a series of regional tours and putting a campaign team together in case Mr Kennedy should stand down. He told The Times last night that his tours were visits to police stations and prisons.

Mr Oaten sent a two-page e-mail to Lib Dem activists on Tuesday, the day the crisis erupted, describing his achievements as home affairs spokesman and inviting them to contact him. One Lib Dem said: “He has clearly pushed a green button somewhere.”

A definite stewards' enquiry on that one.

Meanwhile Party President Simon Hughes appeared on R4 Today to defend Charlie. Yeah, right.
The Telegraph's tips are here. They make Ming, Si, and Mark favourites, with a middle order group of Ed Davey and Matthew Taylor, and longshots Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne. We're not at all sure about Taylor and Huhne. Whereas we would include Orange-booker David Laws.

So all to play for.


Blogger Dr John Crippen said...

Great stuff, Wat, great stuff.

But please, let us not be parochial. You must start an immediate book on the Kentucky Derby. Myself, I fancy a tenner each way on the New York Nag and I need to know what sort of odds an experienced tipster like you would put on Condi?

Two nags running a race that has yet to be won by a mare.

Money to be made here by the discriminating punter.

1:59 PM  

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