Thursday, December 15, 2005

Rules For Kennedy Handicap

Everybody knows the LibDems are democrats- it says so on the tin. But the precise formulation of their internal party democracy has proved much harder to fathom. What are the actual rules?

This morning, the Telegraph has a useful summary:

'Mr Kennedy can be ousted if a no confidence motion - which requires only two MPs to propose and second - is passed by a simple majority of the party's 62 members in the House of Commons. The party's constitution allows for the grassroots activists to force a contest but only if 75 separate constituency associations demand it.

Any candidate in a subsequent leadership election has to be nominated by seven other Lib Dem MPs.

Under party rules, the new leader would be elected by a one-member, one-vote ballot of the party's 75,000 grassroots membership.'


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