Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Saddling Up

Cameroon's victory in the Tory Novice Chase has thrown competing stables into a funk. As one of Cameroon's top trainers said this week:

"Charles Kennedy's leadership is under intense scrutiny. Faced with a renewed Conservative party, and unable to capitalise on the "none of the above" voting category any longer, the Lib Dems are finally forced to make hard choices.

Can they seriously continue to be led by Kennedy, who has made no impression since the election?

But this issue is a sideshow compared to the much bigger problem faced by Labour. A whole series of issues have now come home to roost, and threaten to divide the party as never before.

It cannot be long before the impasse in the government leads to searching questions. It could mean an early exit for Blair, or the passing over of Brown. What bets do I have the Labour will choose their own David to lead them in 2009?"

Could it even be David vs David vs David in 2009? The race card looks compulsive, and top Tyler tipsters will be following the dirtiest of the action. We'll be climbing down into the merde to feel fetlocks and bring you the very hottest tips straight from the horse's bottom.

(What's that? We didn't tip the winner in the Tory Chase? Trust me- this time it will be different.)


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