Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Tough But Dignified"

Yesterday's meeting of Charlie's Shadow Cabinet was described by some present as "tough but dignified". Hmm.

It's now pretty clear his "colleagues" want him out soonest:

'Senior Lib Dems described Mr Kennedy's position as "hanging by a thread" as colleagues demanded that the long-running whispers against his low-key style must be resolved. "We must lance the boil," several were quoted as saying.

Senior Lib Dems told the Guardian last night that Mr Kennedy is in "real difficulties", and that the concern about his leadership was "more widespread and systematic" than in the past.'

The Times adds:

'Facing an unprecedented crisis of confidence, the Lib Dem leader tried to stamp on speculation by urging his most senior colleagues to stop briefing against him and rally behind him. But his plea was rejected when he faced 30 minutes of criticism of his leadership style, with senior figures insisting that the issue could not be shelved any longer.'

Last week it was David Cameron facing ordeal by PMQs. This week it's poor old Charlie.


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