Monday, January 09, 2006

A Colossus Among Pigmies

Who am I talking about?

  • he brought together the Phoenix Consortium that took over Rover from BMW
  • he founded the first ecommerce operation on the Internet (MarketNet) outside the USA in 1994
  • he is an accomplished cryptographer having devised a number of security and payment protocols; the first person outside the USA to implement the main SSL World Wide Web security protocol; one of the world's leading internet technical experts: programs in eight different programming languages as well as speaking six human languages
  • he was a candidate for Britain's First Astronaut and was a drummer in a Heavy Metal Rock Group. He is a Jazz pianist (having performed with Andy Hamilton and the Blue Notes and the John Patrick Quartet) and has three children.

It is of course LibDem MP extraordinaire John Hemming, and his accomplishments don't even end there:

"Christine Hemming is "not best pleased" by the discovery that her husband is to become a father again - his assistant, Emily Cox is due in October. The revelation that her husband has been conducting a six-year-affair with the 27-year-old Cox barely ruffled Ms Hemming, who has announced that this mistress is "about number 26" in a series of affairs, and vowed to stand by her man."

And quite rightly he's now standing for leader. He broke the news on his own blog, prompting his army of supporters to launch a splendid new site: Hemming's Way: John Hemming For Leader. It comments breathlessly:

"John Hemming turned up the heat on his rivals for the Liberal Democrat leadership today with his announcement that support amongst his parliamentary colleagues has doubled overnight. Despite the fact that he has yet to formally declare his intention to run in the forthcoming contest, John has been able to boast proudly on his blog that:"I have two who have agreed so far."

We can only say Go, John, Go!

PS At 349/1 on Betfair, he looks like a knockdown bargain.


Blogger Richard Allen said...

It should also be remembered that John is one of the few honest members of the Lib Dem parliamentary party. As the only Lib Dem MP not to sign Charles Kennedy's re-election papers following last years general election he clearly has far more integrity than all the back stabbing traitors who were all too happy to back Kennedy when it was expediant to do so.

8:54 PM  

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