Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hughes It Is Then

After his better performance at yesterday's PMQ's, Sir Ming is obviously intending to go through with it.

And having tacked left, he's now tacking back to the right. He's ditching that 50p income tax for the undeserving rich, and now wants:

"fairer taxes, not higher taxes. Wealthy people and polluters should pay more; the poor and the old should pay less. I think we should use tax to promote opportunity, not to restrict ambition."

Eh? No 50p rate, but "wealthy people" and Jag drivers "should pay more". Is that right or left? Or just traditional LD gibberish?

But it all leaves Si firmly on track to win. And just because those modernisers are too nice to push.


Anonymous Daniel Vince-Archer said...

Mark Oaten has withdrawn. Another testament to Lembit Opik's outstanding campaign management skills! Although it is quite crafty how they chose to bury the announcement on the same day as Ruth Kelly's big announcement.

12:55 PM  

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