Sunday, January 15, 2006

Is This What You Want?

Those Orange Bookers have a real problem now. With Si well ahead at the bookies, Ming is looking less and less likely to stand the pace. And they are getting severely rattled.

Scotland on Sunday reports "a long-term associate" as saying:

"He's gone really, really strange in the last 10 days. He used to just be himself and know what to do, now he's surrounded by all these advisers telling him what to say and think."

The "advisers" being those power-hungry modernisers who want Ming to be their Old Pope. Supposedly it's them pulling the strings. And we are even to believe Ming's disastrous showing at PMQs was actually not down to him. It was all the fault of Mark Littlewood, the Lib Dem head of press, who dreamed up the "headteachers" question that Tony punished so ruthlessly.

So we've got an ineffective patrician OAP who in less than a week has demolished his own reputation as a safe pair of hands.

Add in the strong suspicion that he was behind the Kennedy assassination, which will lose him the votes of many a nice LD member.

And add in too the serious doubts over his health. As the excellent Dr Crippen explains, Ming's statistical chances of lasting to the next election, are sadly less than 50%. There's no way that can be kept hidden from members.

Forget the dull Huhne and Oaten. You modernisers just need to ask yourselves one question: "Is Si what you want?"

Cos if not, you'd better find a way of getting Clegg onto the blocks, soonest.

Pic: Guardian


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