Sunday, January 01, 2006

LibDem New Year Message(s)

Ed Davey's New Year message was about as clear as it it could possibly be:

“The need for some sort of change was established before Christmas and we await developments.”

The message from the Hughes camp was also clear:

“Simon believes that although he would win on the one-member-one-vote system, he accepts that he is not popular among the parliamentary party and would face a tough time holding it together. He knows the next few years are going to be tough and the likelihood is that the party will lose seats at the next election.”

He said that?

Er...well, turns out it actually came from "a friend". But it must be somebody close because he's quite comfortable highlighting Si's arrogance, divisiveness, and defeatism. Cheers.

Another anonymous MP said:

“There is a feeling that Charles is merely presiding over the party, not leading it. This was the case even before David Cameron became Tory leader and it is not going to go away just because of the holiday break.”

Well, quite. But what to do?

What about Oaten? Another "friend" says: “It is felt that he damaged his chances by making such a high-profile move last month.”

Meanwhile Ming is lining everyone up to give him a Michael Howrd style coronation. He gets to be caretaker through to the next election pending the grooming of his own Dave Cameron.

Well, so a friend says.


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