Saturday, January 07, 2006

May I First Pay Tribute...

Charlie's finally bowed to the inevitable, and delivered the dignified resignation speech he should have given before Christmas. The dark waters have closed over him.

And for their part, his "colleagues" have been scuffling on the pavement outside LibDem HQ to deliver their pitches. With tedious predictability, they all start with "May I first pay tribute..." But the jockeying and knifing is only too clear.

What really does stick in the craw of course is the rank hypocrisy of the media. Such as C4's Gary Gibbon asking Si H whether he now regrets concealing the truth about Kennedy's alcoholism from the rest of us. Perleeesze. After that famous Paxo interview in 2002, we didn't notice too many media folk reporting the truth to us. And some- such as Michael White on R4- are actually claiming they didn't know about it.

So now to the actual race. As previously billed, looks like the modernisers will back Ming as caretaker, Limpid Opec will back Mark Oaten, and Si H will back himself.

Si's rules committee meets on Monday, and in the meantime we must assume Ming's supporters will be offering Si and Oaten no end of advancement, foreign holidays etc not to stand.


Blogger James Hellyer said...

Simon Hughes is the one to watch. The Lib Dim members seem to love him. In general the Lib Dem members are to the left of their MPs, so he should have a good chance.

5:47 PM  
Anonymous mark said...

" Simon Hughes is the one to watch"

So, social democrats to the left of them, social democrats to the right of them, charge off down the left flank and hope for the best.

10:58 PM  
Blogger Aidan Brack said...

If Hughes gets the requisite 7 members supporting him then I suspect he'd get it. He's been incredibly loyal to Kennedy publicly, unlike Campbell whose support was late and seemingly reluctant. Of those names we had though, only Hughes and Oaten remain possibilities in the race with Campbell. You may possibly add David Laws to the list (though I suspect he'll be hurt by being amongst the 11).

Personally I like John Thurso but sadly I suspect it won't happen.

10:06 AM  
Blogger James Hellyer said...

Hughes problem is getting the 7 MPs to back him. He managed a grand total of 2 MPs in 1999 (admittedly from a much smaller base). The change in the rules to require candidates to have 10% of the parliamentary party endorsing them was widely seen as being initiated specifically to block Hughes' ambitions...

It looks like the MPs are trying to stitch it up for Ming, which could go against him with the membership - his support for Kennedy in recent weeks has been of the too little, too late variety.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Wat Tyler said...

The ST reckons Si has been offered the deputy leadership to back Ming. Sounds plausible, but if I were Si I'd hold out for a foreign hol as well.

11:48 AM  

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