Monday, January 02, 2006

Miliband Gang

Rachel Sylvester has tracked down Miliband's supporters to Primrose Hill:

"The Primrose Hill Gang ... meet for weekend brunch at each other's houses - often in the north London enclave of pastel-coloured terraces and delicatessens from which they get their name - to discuss the way forward for the centre-Left."

Who are they?

"James Purnell, the culture minister, and Liam Byrne, who is based at the Department of Health - are Blairites. Others, notably Douglas Alexander, the minister for Europe, are close to Mr Brown. Some are former Number 10 advisers who have moved on - Patrick Diamond, now at the LSE, and Geoff Mulgan, who heads a think tank called the Young Foundation, have attended meetings. Most - including Jim Murphy, a Cabinet Office minister, and Andy Burnham, a Home Office minister - are in their thirties." Tone's head of policy, Matthew Taylor, is also involved, Lord "Get Happy" Layard is a guru.

Some of their time is naturally spent spitting at pictures of Dave Cameron, who infuriatingly "is confounding expectations by cycling to work, shopping at Tesco and persuading Bob Geldof to join his policy review".

But their main effort is plotting to nix Gordo and get their man into No 10:

"This isn't just about finding new ideas," said one member of the group. "It's about how New Labour does politics after Blair and Brown."

If I were Gordo I'd be sending a raiding party up to Primrose Hill for an early shoot-out.

PS Tyler happens to know one or two residents of Primrose Hill. Of course it's long been fashionable and choice, with an affluent mix of City and media types. But just like that other Hill, it's still somewhat edgy. And being part of the LB of Camden it suffers massively from dysfunctional local services and ineffective policing. So residents wage a constant war against local teen villains and Albanian car thieves. Alas, the arrival of Miliband's cronies will lower the tone still further.

Picture: Fort Tumbleweed


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Douglas Alexander would be plotting to nix Gordon Brown to get David Miliband in, except in 'just in case' circumstances to stop the likes of Alan Milburn getting in by a fluke.

12:36 PM  

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