Monday, January 02, 2006

Mole Hunt

Charlie has ordered a mole hunt to flush out and ruthlessly "expedite" those of his colleagues who have been briefing against him.

Trouble is...that's pretty well all of them.

Meanwhile, the pornily named Ben Ramm- editor of The Liberal, organiser of the Kennedy Must Go petition- has threatened to reveal some of the LibDems who have signed up:

"I find it remarkable that Charles can so brazenly dismiss the views of the people who have fought so hard on his behalf over the last few years. Although the names were submitted to our online petition on a confidential basis, if it came to it we would be willing to publish some of them."

Ramm claims to have the signatures of 3,300 party members, including 386 LD councillors. And he's got some pretty high-ranking people- I know, because I signed up Bill Gladstone and Herbie Asquith myself.

Distressing picture: RonHaywardNet


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