Sunday, January 22, 2006

Where Next For Grace Brothers?

Following the unfortunate revelations about Mr Humphries, Young Mr Grace himself is calling for calm:

"You've all done very well. The task now is to draw everyone together and move forward. No department store is entirely subject to what happens to any one individual. Grace Brothers is much bigger than that."

But what with Mr Rumbold's raid on the boardroom sherry, and before that the problem with Captain Peacock's pants, not everyone is so sure.

"What's wrong with my pussy?" Mrs Slocombe wails. And that one-that-nobody-can-remember-but-he-fancies-Miss-Brahms is even going round telling everyone he's going to take over.

I don't know- whatever will happen next?

Going Down.


Blogger Serf said...


Don't you think the Oaten scandal is so very Lib Dem. He can't decide what it is he believes in so he goes for some middle of the road compromise.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous William Norton said...

So, to recap:

Kennedy's out because of alcoholism.

Oaten's out (as it were).

They're already taking bets on how long Sir Ming will last.

Hughes has confirmed he dances both sides of the ballroom.

What's wrong with Huhne? It will probably turn out that his dark secret is that he's a liberal.

11:44 AM  

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